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eucalyptus body wash
eucalyptus body wash
eucalyptus body wash

A spa experience at home.

Formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients, this 100% natural Eucalyptus Coco Body Wash creates a rich, luxurious lather that cleanses, moisturizes, and relaxes you with its aromatherapeutic benefits.

“This body wash was inspired by my trip to Bali, where they infused eucalyptus into the showers. It was then I realized you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind. I learned the importance of aromatherapy and destressing.  It inspired me to bring that same purifying feeling home. The wash allows you to incorporate the magic of eucalyptus conveniently into your daily routine.”Fatemah, Co-Founder

scent notes; eucalyptus | lavender | geranium | peppermint

16 oz