the hangover bar
the hangover bar

Have a bit too much fun last night? No time for a much needed 5-day juice cleanse? Not to worry, we got you. By harnessing the power of activated bamboo charcoal and bohemian black kaolin clay, this bar rejuvenates even the most neglected skin, drawing out unwanted impurities and toxins.

The healing benefits of Marula and Tamanu oil round out this formulation, along with the anti-inflammatory properties of ginseng extract. 

Recommended for: deep cleansing, breakouts, skin irritations

scent notes; refreshing blood orange | bergamot | cedar wood


Create a lather, and apply to the body.  Rinse thoroughly. Our bars last longest, and perform best, when allowed to dry between lathers. We recommend storing them on a soap dish with drain holes and keeping them away from spraying water while not in use.