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the founder | Janine Serrick-Holroyd

Passionate about sourcing well-crafted goods; inspired by community, kindness, and a positive mindset; a firm believer in watering one's seeds of happiness, whatever those may be. 

I founded prompt + parcel for the purpose of connecting with like minded people, discovering local makers of things, and partnering with brands that produce feel good, do good products.

My vision for this space is to support thoughtful, intentional choices when gifting. Offering a collection of well-crafted, well-sourced products without compromise to quality or the environment.

I hope to encourage small, considerate moments to show gratitude. Fostering kindness in relationships with ourselves and others; while prompting positive feelings and joyful experiences.

we maintain a simple philosophy - take care of you, take care of your people, and take care of your environment.

prompt + parcel was created as a way to acknowledge others in our lives, as well as to tune into our own well-being without compromise. An elevated gifting platform with a focus on sustainability and clean, naturally derived ingredients.

Aligning ourselves with thoughtful brands, our intention is to not only make gifting easy, but to gift well.

our values.

Creating simple, good habits allow for a healthy body and mind.

Take a deep breathe, press pause on the busy and water those seeds of happiness. However, that looks for you.

We encourage you to take time to move your body, rest, spend time in nature, and create small rituals within the day to incorporate your own version of self care.

We like to think these small moments count.

Small notions can create positive shifts and allow space for good practices to take precedence.

We believe whole heartedly in random acts of kindness, and small splurges that bring joy. It is our hope, that you consider making conscious decisions to keep sustainable, biodegradable materials and clean ingredients in mind.

Keep it simple, but make it count; reduce, reuse, recycle and purchase with intention.

We are all connected, and we understand how important it is for businesses to support the local, regional, and global communities we all rely upon.

Supporting community and the act of giving is a beautiful thing. It creates a sense of wellbeing and is something we are quite passionate about.

Each year, we commit to donating 1% of our annual sales to a chosen non-profit organization that align with our values.

We are always interested in broadening our scope, if you have a registered charity in mind. We would love to hear about it;