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bamboo pumice brush
bamboo pumice brush

up your shower game with this multi-purpose tool!

Pumice Stone;

  • a perfect natural exfoliant for the feet. 
  • the stone which comes from molten volcanic rocks, reduces the accumulated dead skin on the feet (for best results, use on wet, soapy skin).
  • decreases the formation of leg hair. After washing, gently rub the stone in circular motion. Do not use on sensitive parts such as bikini and underarms.


  • made of polypropylene bristles, a recyclable material & an alternative to brushes which are generally made of wild boar hair.
  • use wet or dry.
  • dry brushing the body pre-shower creates a lymphatic massage that helps stimulate the body's blood circulation.
  • aids in exfoliation.
  • helps rids the body of toxins.
  • improve muscle toning, by breaking down cellulite.
  • increases circulation & energy.